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The TC2 is built on the belief that the loom should be an extension to the creativity of the artist or the designer. We have significantly simplified the design process, so that you can go from an idea to a fabric in minutes!
Handcrafted in Norway The modular solution with interchangeable parts is developed to make the TC2 user-friendly and easy to maintain. Developed by Tronrud Engineering The development of the Thread Controller was started in 1990 by Tronrud Engineering, which specializes in the development, design and construction of specialized machinery. Digital Weaving Norway is a business unit of TE and was established in 1995.

we are

global market leaders in the segment of digital jacquard looms

We launched the Thread Controller in 1995 and since then, we’ve had a long list of satisfied customers, many of them using the loom for R&D/product development, sampling and rapid prototyping, on-demand production, mass customisation or simply just to weave anything and everything that fancies their imagination. More recently, we have seen increased interest in the TC2 by textile manufacturers, researchers as well as companies working with newly engineered materials like technical and smart textiles.

Digital Weaving
Vibeke weaving

TC2 - Dynamic Design Tool

The Thread Controller is modular, and therefore easy to configure and reconfigure. New and optimized production methods as well as detailed control and testing have made the Thread Controller a flexible and dynamic design tool, ideal for rapid prototyping.

How it Began

The serial production of the Thread Controller began in 1995 when Tronrud Engineering, the company that had built the first prototype of the Digital Jacquard Loom in 1990/91 and Vibeke Vestby, the weaver/educator who had conceptualised the loom joined hands.

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TC2 Community

We have not just earned ourselves some truly valuable customers but are also a part of a larger community of weavers, who challenge themselves and the established definitions of ‘art/ handmade’ versus ‘design/ machine made’.

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After-Sales Support

The TC2 is delivered along with a well-documented instruction manual and videos, making the assembly, installation and getting started a breeze! The loom also has its own IP address, which means that our engineers may provide support remotely.

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Loom Configurator

Because each of your ideas are unique, the tool to bring them to life should also be unique. With the Loom Configurator, you create your own loom! A tool that suits YOUR requirements, be it a certain weaving width, structures, textures, materials or fabric densities.

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Who is the Loom for?

The TC2 is a loom for “Creators”. It’s a unique design tool that enables the user to visualize and to materialize, to explore and to experiment, to discover and to rediscover.

Fab labs/ Makers Spaces

The TC2 loom is soon becoming the MUST HAVE tool for FabLabs, Makers Spaces and Innovation Labs across the world, where they are using it to prototype new materials and play with their properties!

Independent Artists

Many of our customers are freelance designers and independent artists who create customized or one-off pieces for haute couture, interiors, art installations etc.

Industry Research Labs

We have TC2s in research wings of the defense forces, where they use it for prototyping new soldier uniform fabrics, with built-in smart functionalities.

Educational Instititions

The TC2 loom is also present in a high number of educational institutions throughout the world, including Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, North America and throughout Europe.

DWN Samples

tc2 technology

a pixel is a thread


Change design, weave structures, warp densities, weft materials instantly!


Configurations range from 2-48 modules, each module controlling 220 heddles!


Made possible through sensors and software-operated electro motors!


The loom has an IP Address, making it possible to support our customers remotely!


Windows/MAC/Linux platforms optimize user experience and minimize training time!


A compact design, advanced technology and elegant look makes it pure bliss to weave on!

We help create beautiful things

Our vision is to revolutionize handweaving by offering the most flexible, interactive and dynamic handloom ever! We bridge the gap between traditional dobby looms and Jacquard looms by offering individual control of every single warp end!



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