Augmented Weaving at the Dutch Design Week!

Augmented Weaving at the Dutch Design Week!

Anita Michaluszko and Flavia Bon, who are behind Augmented Weaving, were at the Dutch Design Week (DDW22) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in the last week of October, 2022. Anita conducts TC2 training workshops for Digital Weaving Norway around the world and briefly came to our Studio in Norway to weave one of the exhibition pieces. In the article below, Flavia and she share some of their experience with us.

AUGMENTED WEAVING” is a series of collaborations around the technique of jacquard weaving and digital forms of craft. The project was initiated by Anita Michaluszko and Flavia Bon in 2021. During the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, they presented results of their ongoing research at two separate group exhibitions: “iAtelier” by Crafting Europe and “New Crafts” by Crafts Council Nederland. Anita and Flavia tell us more…

At the center of our experimental research stand the following questions: “How might craft evolve using tech?” and “How might tech evolve using craft?” Talking about craft one often refers to tradition and the past, but we believe that crafts should not end up in museums, but need to evolve with time in order to be kept alive. The TC2 (Thread Controller 2) jacquard loom is in itself already a best practice example on how crafts knowledge and digital technology can merge and evolve together.

In the process, we are combining digital, virtual and physical ways of working into seamless workflows. Our main interests are the tools/processes themselves and the possibilities that emerge out of bringing them together. The objects we exhibited were not intended to be end results, but parts of an evolving process.

iAtelier” Exhibition by Crafting Europe, DDW22. The display “Twisted Wearable Object” consisted of three elements…

Panel: Hand woven jacquard fabric with garment pattern pieces and text woven directly into the fabric.

Wearable Object: Warp is cotton, weft is hemp.

Screen with 3D animation of the object in movement.

Although the borders between physical and digital are getting increasingly blurred, we are not always aiming at creating an identical physical or digital twin. A material or a fabric can be different entities, to be appreciated for their individual properties. This “Silver Grain” material above was first created and simulated digitally before being translated into a hand woven fabric. The choice of materials was inspired by its digital look.

The magic happens when physical and digital meet and you find yourself in a new immersive reality. The digital fabrics follow your movements and behave like real due to advanced cloth simulation. During the exhibition, visitors could interact with the Digital Wearables (earnings and helmet) on the screen. And for the ultimate experience, they could take pictures of themselves in front of the hand woven fabric – using an application on their mobile phone – and see themselves wearing these virtual items.

New Crafts” Exhibition by Crafts Council Netherland, DDW22. This set-up consisted of…

“Silver Grain”: Hand woven jacquard fabric panel: The warp and weft are recycled polyester (PA/PM)

2 Screens with live streaming: Digital Wearable Earrings and Digital Wearable Helmet.

This project was realized on TC2 looms in three different locations: Digital Weaving Norway Headquarters, Industrie Museum, Gent/BE and at the studio of Corrie van Eijk-Docter, Drachten/NL. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge! To find more information about our work and lectures, or to try on our Digital Wearables, please follow this LINK.

Thank you for your interest, Anita and Flavia.  All works and pictures @Flavia Bon @Anita Michaluszko @Marc Coene, Industrie Museum, Gent.