Over the years, we’ve delivered looms across the globe and almost simultaneously, we’ve also earned ourselves some very precious friends, who are now a part of the global Digital Weaving Norway Community. These members come from diverse backgrounds, both in terms of their prior experiences with weaving as well as their understanding of this unique form of expression. For some of them, the essence of all things “traditional” is sacrosanct, for others embracing the “new-age” is the way forward and then, there are those who are somewhere in between. For over two decades now, we have walked hand-in-hand with all these individuals – sharing experiences, influences and inspirations. Together – we’ve learnt things and we’ve taught things and eventually, we’ve moved closer to discovering and appreciating how this beautiful dance of the threads is played out. Through this DWN Community page, we aim to further strengthen our bond with these weavers.


Our customers are our ‘family’ and it is already possible to travel from TC-customer to TC-customer around the world. We share the passion of weaving, especially on the TC2s! Know more about these weavers.

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There's always been an overwhelming demand from weavers across the globe to know more about the little beauty that we handcraft here in Norway (read TC2 loom), and that's the reason we love holding training workshops!

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Our newsletters are a means to be in touch with the ever-growing community of weavers associated with DWN. It's a platform to share what we are upto and also to showcase the artists and their works.

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