We have a unique product and precious customers!

The TC2 is the first loom globally to address the specific needs of a creator/ product developer/ designer/artist; The TC2 is a vehicle for creativity and innovation, enabling 3D “printing” with actual materials, weave structures and colors.

The customers are our best ambassadors, provided we offer the support they need, and assist them in mastering the new tool. The network of Tech Supports around the world is rapidly growing: Potential customers who want to take a workshop somewhere, may now combine it with a travel experience to for example Drachten/Netherlands, Aberdeen/Scotland, Barcelona/Spain, Blönduós/ Iceland, Lammi/ Finland, Bergen/ Norway- the options increase all the time! More details about places you can visit for Workshops and Loom Rentals HERE.

Our customers are our ‘family’! It is already possible to travel from TC-customer to TC-customer around the world!  We share the passion of weaving, especially on the TC2s!

DWN Weaving

Know the Weaver

This series attempts to know who the weavers working on our looms are – how and why they began with weaving, the kind of works they are creating, knowing more about their ideas and experiences!

What’s on Your Loom

This series is a quick showcase of the latest works of the weavers. Discover a wide range of fabrics being created by independent textile artists, students and faculty at academic institutions as well those working in industry!