Fiona’s weavings reflect local environment

Fiona's weavings reflect local environment

What’s on your Loom?

As a part of the series showcasing the works of Artists working on the TC2 loom, we present the latest creations by Fiona J Sperryn. The inspiration for her works comes from her local environment in Cornwall and wider themes of sustainability and biodiversity. Fiona has a hands-on approach, drawing in various media, choosing colours and sustainable yarns before translating the ideas through digital media into files to be hand-woven. 


A love of the technical processes, construction and finishing of cloth underpin Fiona’s artistic practice.  Every project is filled with new design ideas and fueled with technical challenges.

Langdale: This recent piece was inspired by mountain walks in the beautiful Lake District region of northern England.  Fiona has recently been exploring the application of colour, which here is produced by blending yarns straight onto the bobbins without plying. The warp is a 2/50nm end’n’end cotton warp with alternating black and ecru threads.  The piece measures 70 x 29cm.

Rhino 1 Diceros bicornis: The woven piece is a part of a series to encourage dialogue surrounding the poaching debate.  Greys, browns and blues combine to create the textured surface and pink silk floss is inlaid in the tusk area.

Rhino Diceros bicornis  Still in its loom state, this is a preview for the TC2 family!  This most recent piece in the anti-poaching series, continues the themes of skin and camouflage.  The warp is a 2/50nm end’n’end warp with alternating black and ecru threads and weft fibres include bamboo, silk and rayon floss. The piece measures 98 x 67cm.


It was during a Masters at the Royal College of Art that Fiona J Sperryn discovered the tool which allowed her to combine her love of drawing and weave. Now, as the proud owner of a TC2 and unusually for an artist in the UK, she is using the jacquard loom for creative expression producing one-off artworks.

Fiona draws on her experience as a freelance textile designer and has developed a range of luxury ponchos for women, which allows the wonderful tactile qualities of the woven cloth in the artworks to be fully appreciated and enjoyed. She is also offering a commission weaving service and individual tuition with the TC2 loom. Fiona has lectured in Textile Design at Falmouth University for a number of years and has exhibited in London, Cornwall and Berlin.

To know more about Fiona, visit her website

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