Kate manipulates weave structures in her works!

Kate manipulates weave structures in her works!

Here’s featuring the woven works by Kate Nartker, as a part of our ongoing “What’s on Your Loom” series.  Nartker is an Assistant Professor of textile design at the Wilson College of Textiles: she tells us about her latest project…


Recently I have been manipulating traditional weave structures on the TC2 loom. Instead of starting with a photographic image and applying weave structures to the indexed image, I begin with weave structures like honeycomb or Swedish lace as the starting point. I then modify the structures in Photoshop by blowing them up in scale, inserting graphic elements, or warping them in a simulated 3D space.

I am interested in seeing how I can work within the language of traditional weaving but through technology that does not have those same constraints. Some of these pieces are standalone works, and other times I animate them by scanning the fabric into digital format.

In this animation, there is a point where one pattern fades to the next (00:17). Rather than using editing software, I achieved this through double weave with one pattern slowly shifting position with the other.


Kate Nartker works between animation and weaving to dismantle images, narratives, and material structures. Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of using textiles to tell stories, Nartker creates frame-by-frame animations with hand woven cloth. Her animated shorts explore the tension between an image and the material it rests on, and the investigative act of deciphering, remembering, or coming to know something.


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