Luxembourg Artists exhibit works woven on the TC2!

Luxembourg Artists exhibit works woven on the TC2!

Our dear friends and TC2 owners Lily and Pit Weisgerber recently exhibited some of their gorgeous creations at the exhibition – “De Mains de Maîtres”. This was a unique exhibition in the private rooms of the newly-renovated building of the Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat (National Bank).

Organised on the initiative of Their Royal Highnesses the Hereditary Grand Duke and the Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, this event aimed to value the reservoir of talents in the country in terms of creativity as well as to highlight the beauty and importance of the transmission of know-how to younger generations.

From ceramic to glass, through textile sculpture, metal or even woodwork, haute couture, printing or engraving and many more, this was an ephemeral and exceptional collection of works of art by more than 200 artists. The idea behind the initiative was to discover or rediscover the talents of the crafts-creators who elevate the material.

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62 Artists from the 160 candidates were selected to present their art. Lily and Pit Weisgerber presented three scarves woven on the TC2. The scarves are unique one-of-a-kind objects woven with precious cashmere and silk threads.

Link to the exhibition’s home page: Click Here