Marjolein’s experiments with form, colour and process!

Marjolein's experiments with form, colour and process!

In this issue of the “What’s on Your Loom” series, we feature the works of Marjolein Minnaert . She experiments with form, colour and process, and feels that the unknown and technical limitations present a challenge. Despite a great appreciation for the slowness of crafting textiles, Marjolein also integrates industrial developments in her creations. Marjolein tells us about her latest projects…


Pattern – System – Technique – Process

Actions such as folding, stacking and cutting create an unlimited series of patterns. Maps of folding boxes serve as an inspiration and as a system. The logical succession of colour brings besides to the materials and techniques, a structure to the work. Each colour theme represents parts of a folding box, so it could be reconstructed in any composition. The deconstruction can become construction again. What has been taken apart can also be put together in new ways. The repetition of colour and form creates versatility.

Endless possibilities: One colour has many shades, materials have different feelings and visuals, compositions are a never ending puzzle you can lay. I like the freedom during an experimental process, but I also like to stick to well know systems you can follow during that same process. I see the TC2 loom as a perfect match. You follow a system and prepare a lot in advance but the moment you start weaving, there is space for spontaneous interventions. The manual actions provide the time for a strong connection to your work and actions.


Marjolein Minnaert studied Textile Design at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent and has graduated with a Master’s degree in 2022. “The wide range of possibilities that textile gives, serves as my biggest inspiration source as a designer,” she says.


Instagram, Email: marjolein.minnaert@gmail.com