NZ gets 3 TC2s: AUT, Massey and Agnes Hauptli!

NZ gets 3 TC2s: AUT, Massey and Agnes Hauptli!

Good things come in threes: and that’s how Digital Weaving Norway’s entry into New Zealand can be defined! Two of the country’s premium academic institutions offering textile design studies, Auckland University of Technology and Massey University, recently got the TC2 loom. And the third loom in NZ is for Agnes Hauptli, who’s an extremely talented weaver and erstwhile TC1 owner.

January 2020, Digital Weaving Norway’s Vibeke Vestby traveled across the globe to get the two universities a flying start with their new TC2 looms. And Agnes, being a local and someone who knows the loom well, accompanied Vibeke all through her travels. And Interestingly, enough, while Agnes was co-tutoring the Training Workshop at the two campuses along with Vibeke Vestby, she had a change of heart: bidding goodbye to her TC1, she’s now all set to start her creative journey on her own TC2 loom! 🙂

Vibeke and Agnes first conducted an installation and training session at AUT, where they’ve got the Tc2 loom for the Textile and Design Lab. Here are a few pictures from the training workshop:

In the group picture below, you can see the students and staff at AUT who attended the training workshop: (from Left to right) Ph.D scholar Mitali Nautiyal, Professor of Material Futures and Director of the Textile and Design Laboratory Professor Frances Joseph,  Research and Development Technician at the Textile+Design Lab Jyoti Kalyanji, DWN’s Vibeke Vestby and Textile+Design Lab Manager Peter Heslop.

After AUT, next stop was at Massey University, where Vibeke and Agnes conducted the training workshop for a bunch of students and staff at their Wellington campus. We’re sharing some snapshots from the session: