Presenting Maggie Rose Brindley’s woven works!

Presenting Maggie Rose Brindley's woven works!

Maggie Rose Brindley is a textile engineer, designer, artist, and demonstrator residing in rural Stokes County, North Carolina. From Feb 5th – March 28th, 2020, Maggie’s woven exhibits will be a part of a Gallery Show titled “Tapestries”. You can drop in at The McNeely Gallery in Winston Salem, North Carolina (USA), and see Maggie’s works along with other hand-woven and hand-dyed textile art. For Maggie, utilizing textiles as a medium for art provides her the most enjoyment due to the color and texture possibilities this medium provides. Works…

Dreams Collection: The ‘Dreams’ collection is five digitally-designed, TC 1 woven portraits of women who appear to be dreaming. The images were collected from pictures found in magazines throughout many decades. Together they show the dreaming of the women who came before our time and how those dreams and thoughts intertwine with the background of their reality.

Vortex III: The Vortex III is one piece of 3-piece collection,  woven on the TC 1. For this series, a black warp, hand-dyed weft, was created by combining simple shapes in a manner that expands from a vanishing point. The Vortex III displays the graphic power of the optical illusions that can be achieved in textiles.


Maggie was very active in various forms of creative art throughout her youth, taking her artistic visions to Kent State University, where she received her B.F.A. in Textile Arts in 2007. Desiring to know more about textiles, she went on to pursue a M.S. in Textiles from North Carolina State University in 2011. She has spent many years working in various facets of the textile industry in NC and beyond.

With experience in textiles as ‘Art’, ‘Craft’ and ‘Industry’, she is moving her textile focus back to textiles as art. Using all the various skills collected with her range of experience, her work focuses on challenging the technical boundaries of textile techniques and equipment.

See “Tapestries” exhibit at…

Studio 7, The McNeely Gallery
204 West 6th Street,
Winston Salem, NC 27101, USA
Dates: Feb 5th – March 28th, 2020