TC2 loom

The Thread Controller 2 (TC2) is a Digital Jacquard Loom manufactured by Tronrud Engineering AS, Dept. Digital Weaving Norway.

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Loom Configurations

Each designer can choose the loom size and loom configurations based on their specific requirements of fabric widths and fabric densities.

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Endless Possibilities

While the loom handles all traditional weaving materials, we do also have many customers dabbling with a very exciting range of man-made materials.

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Loom Configurator

Choose your Loom

We understand that having creative freedom is integral to the design process. With the TC2 loom, we offer the possibility for you to experiment with materials and properties in a manner that is simple and flexible, and that gives you the weaver absolute control. Our looms come in different sizes and are modular, which means you can choose a loom that would best serve your individual requirements. Spare a minute and in four simple steps, tell us which is the TC2 for you! And we'll get back to you with all of the possibilities that it could offer...

Loom Demos