Sofie creates woven works with biodegradable materials!

Sofie creates woven works with biodegradable materials!

In this issue of the “What’s on Your Loom” series, we showcase the woven works by Sofie Piil Grau. Sofie is pursuing a Masters in Textile and Fashion Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts. She tells us more about her latest project, created during the first semester of her Masters.


For this series, made entirely with biodegradable materials, I have drawn inspiration from the expressive and performative ways shamans have used clothes. The choice of materials is defined by an investigation into a more circular and holistic way of using and understanding the materials that we use.

I have worked with rattan sticks because they have a low carbon footprint. Throughout the project, I have collected and composted all the leftovers materials. The yarns used are wool and viscose. For the project, I have used satin weave structures and played around with gradations between the weft and the warp.

In order to place the sticks into the fabric, I prepared the file so that I could make the warp bend the stick downwards, and control the exact areas of  the placement of the sticks. The process is a movement of back and forth, between textile development and form development – that way, the two influence one another.


Sofie is very interested in the narratives we perform about the relationship between human and nature and are on a journey investigating and experimenting with new materials and processes. For her, working with biodegradable materials is a step in that direction, and working with an old technique like weaving is an interesting way of connecting with generations of experience and knowledge.