Spaces for TC2 Training Workshops/ Loom Rental

Spaces for TC2 Training Workshops/ Loom Rental

We have been often asked about places where one can go for a training workshop on the Tc2 loom or where one can rent time to weave on the loom. Below is a list of customers who are open to having designers, artists, researchers over at their studio spaces – for workshops and loom rentals:

Agnes Hauptli, Kaitaia, New Zealand: Link

Basque Design Centre, Biscay, Spain: Link

Belinda Rose, Aberdeeenshire, Scotland: Link

Cre-a-ctief, Bontebok, The Netherlands: Link

Corrie van Eijk, Veenhuizen, The Netherlands:Link

Francesca Pinol, Barcelona: Link

Fiona Sperryn at Cornwall, UK: Link

Icelandic Textile Centre, Blönduós, Iceland: Link

Industrie Museum, Ghent, Belgium: Link

LMRM, Chicago, USA: Link

Studio Huhmarkangas at Lammi, Finland: Link Kristina Austi at Bergen, Norway: Link

Praxis Fiber Workshop, Ohio, USA: Link

Texlab Liege, Belgium: Link

Välitila Studio, Helsinki, Finland: Link