TC2 workshops at ETN conference in Austria

TC2 workshops at ETN conference in Austria

Digital Weaving Norway has participated in nearly all of European Textile Network‘s (ETN) conferences since the TC-looms were launched in the 1990s and this summer too, we were there at the 19th Conference held at the Textile Center in Haslach, Austria. Vibeke Vestby and Elisabeth Stötzler co-tutored a weaving workshop on both the TC1 and the TC2 looms as a part of the pre-conference arrangements.

The pre-conference workshop was open for anyone who wanted to immerse themselves in weave construction and jacquard weaving.  Inspired by the theme “Garden of Eden”, the participants developed two fabrics that together can make a pair.

The participants created digital files – a design or a photograph – on Photoshop/Arahne and then translated them into woven works on the TC1 or the TC2 loom. Both planning and know-how as well as experimentation and creativity were required to explore the multitude of design possibilities and to find an individual approach. There were many other workshops that ran in parallel right before the Conference began – from sewing, knitting, printing to pattern design,  hand-tufting, sculpturing etc.

The ETN-conference was held at the Textile Centre in Haslach, in the north of Austria, where art, education and production meet under the roof of an old textile mill. And naturally then, the Conference program included a visit to the local weavers’ market, exhibitions at the local museum/galleries and guided tours through the Textile Centre. Here are a few glimpses of what was in store:

The last day at the Conference meant lectures and lots of catching up during the network sessions, general assembly and conference dinner. Vibeke also met up with dear friends and TC2 owners Lily and Pit Weisgerber, who are based in Luxembourg: