A Dane, a Swede and a Norwegian meet at the TC2

A Dane, a Swede and a Norwegian meet at the TC2

In the beginning of April, Swedish Textile artist Sofia Hagström Møller and Danish designer Miriam Brostrøm were invited by Vibeke Vestby to travel to Hønefoss (a town in Norway) to learn more about the TC2 loom. Both Sofia and Miriam are skilled weavers, and know how to use the TC1 and TC2 digital looms. But in order to gain a deeper understanding for the looms construction and possibilities, Vibeke offered the two weavers a masterclass over the course of a week.  Sofia and Miriam tell us more…

Out over the Norwegian fjords, across stunning mountains and beautiful coastline, there is a house overlooking the city of Hønefoss, where Vibeke Vestby and her husband have built a life and workshop for themselves.

Next to their home, Vibeke has a workshop with two TC2 looms: 1-Wide weave set up with 6 modules and 36 threads per cm in warp, merc. cotton 20/2 with 6 colors in rotation. And a 4W weave with 12 modules and 2 warp beams waiting to be dressed and getting ready to be used.

Spending a week at Vibeke’s workshop gave us a unique opportunity to really immerse ourselves in and learn new methods to operate the loom optimally, and at the same time improve our knowledge of how to process weaving files digitally for use in weaving.

Vibeke used the looms at the workshop to explain how to assemble the loom, adjust the initial lift, and test various sensors as well as functions and settings in the software. We also looked at Photoshop, and various woven samples to get a deeper understanding on how the program can be used to obtain an interesting file, ready for the loom.

We mostly got to see Norway from Vibeke’s car or guest house – so the mountains, coastline and the fjords will have to be for another visit. Meanwhile this intense course, with arguably the most competent instructor, gave us a deeper understanding of the TC2 loom. This will be very useful, since a new TC2 loom has just been purchased at the Danish Art Workshop in Copenhagen.

Thank you Vibeke Vestby for a wonderful week!

This trip was economically sponsored by Grosserer L.F Foghts Fond

Links: Sofia’s Website , Miriam’s Website