Belinda Rose explores textures and colours!

Belinda Rose explores textures and colours!
As a part of our “What’s on your loom” series, we feature the works of Belinda Rose, who has been a weaver for over 40 years! She loves the experience of handling beautiful fabric and loves to use texture and colour to create textiles and artwork. She produces fabric, hangings and teaches weaving on a variety of handlooms (including the TC2) in her studio in north-east Scotland.


Belinda writes…”I love to play around with different ideas, and never quite know where my next weaving will come from. Here are three recent examples from different sources: a drawing, a photo and a watercolour palette painting exercise. They are all woven on a silk 2/20 white warp on a TC2 sett at 45 epi.

The poppy top comes from a photo of a contour drawing of a vase of poppies. I played around with a Java applet called Taprats which makes a range of islamic tilings, creating the stylized orange section pattern, developing it in Photoshop to use as a fill in the background of the drawing. Woven with one turquoise cotton weft, three different 5 end satins.

The flower came from a photo, played around with in Photoshop, with added gradient maps and wilder colours. Woven in Lampas with three wool pattern wefts.

I painted the grid to test a 24 colour watercolour set, to see how they combine with each other. Distorting a photograph of the painting, using a lovely little phone/ tablet app called iOrnament, made a wild design. In Photoshop, I applied gradient maps, reduced the colours to two and wove it as a shading twill with one shuttle.”


Belinda draws inspiration for her creations from drawings, paintings, and photographs with a wide range of subjects and interprets them in cloth. Over the years, Belinda has explored texture and colour and many weaving techniques for making cloth for clothing and scarves. Belinda has served on the committee of the UK Journal for Weavers, Spinner and Dyers, the Anchorage Weavers Guild, the Association of NorthWest Weavers’ Guilds, and chaired the Grampian Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers. Belinda says that working in the jacquard medium is a perfect fit and she feels that she’s arrived at the right place without consciously having been on a journey! 🙂


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