Els plays with shapes and forms in her weavings!

Els plays with shapes and forms in her weavings!

As a part of the What’s on Your Loom series, we feature the works of Brussels-based designer Els Vande Kerckhove. She is the founder of the graphic and textile design studio called Something Els, which creates artworks at the intersections of culture, fashion and architecture. Soon after the launch of her studio, Els started making commissioned drawings for fabric prints and woven accessories. And in 2019, she presented her first personal collection of designs at Première Vision. Below, she writes about her latest creations, where she plays with shapes and forms. 


The designs that I presented as a part of the Prints section at Premiere Vision were references from abstract and universal landscapes. They could have been mountains, fields, hills – the designs were open to interpretation. I also wanted to add an extra dimension to the patterns that I originally made for printing, by playing with different materials. And that’s how I came up with the idea behind the set of woven pieces, titled GreenBlue and BlueRed:


Warp: White Cotton, Weft: Cotton and Wool

Last year, based on the graphic prints, I made a tapestry (woven in the Textiel Lab in Tilburg) for a house of “Special Youth Care”, supported by the Flemish Government. Here, I experimented with shapes and forms by handweaving them and by playing with different weave structures and materials. And of course, after all these years I was really happy to be able to experiment with the TC2 loom again!


Warp: White Cotton, Weft: Cotton, wool and avec du lurex


It was through her graphic work that Els got introduced to the fascinating world of textile design. She is particularly interested in and passionate about the manufacturing process of textiles, especially weaving and printing. Els has attended various courses and workshops in handweaving and (digital) jacquard weaving in Belgium, Italy and Norway. She works on commissioned and personal projects such as wall hangings and textiles for interiors. Since 2014, Els is a lecturer in Design and Information Design at the Multimedia Design program of the Erasmushogeschool in Brussels.


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