Gary Avanzato’s recent works on the TC2 loom!

Gary Avanzato's recent works on the TC2 loom!

The artist that we are featuring as a part of our “What’s on our loom” series this time around is US-based Gary Avanzato. Gary says that has a continuing relationship with weaving and this relationship spans over 20 years! As he designs and weaves, Gary uses pattern and detail to enhance color and texture with fibers of silk, wool, cotton and rayon producing unique items of art. He tells us about his recent projects (woven on the TC2) below…


My studio is located in the capital region of New York State, USA. After multi-shaft weaving for 20 years, I was introduced to jacquard weaving with Louise Lemieux Berube at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles in Canada.


During the instructions, I became fascinated with the ability to render a digital image in a new medium using a loom. I have been and continue to explore single color weft weaving. These works titled David (first picture above), Love and Buddha are set at 12 ends per cm/30 epi. using 10/2 cotton.



Recently, I took advantage of Digital Weaving Norway’s promotion and added two modules, upgrading to 18 ends per cm/45 epi.