Katja’s recent works: Designing and Sampling textiles

Katja's recent works: Designing and Sampling textiles

In the February 2021 edition of our ongoing “What’s on your Loom” series, we’re featuring the woven works of Finnish textile artist Katja Huhmarkangas. Katja  specializes in digital weaving on the TC-looms and her woven works can be seen across Finland, in churches and office/public spaces. But another important aspect of her work is product development and material testing. Katja shares more abouther recent projects:

There are many showcases featuring textile art or fiber art that is created on the TC-looms, but an important aspect is sometimes forgotten: the importance of testing, sampling and developing textiles. This requires a great deal of knowledge and skill in fibers, materials, structures and patterns. Below, I share a few my recent experiences and what I learnt along the way:

Test weaving for future materials: As a part of the Spring 2020 “mood book” for Spinnova Ltd, I created samples with an entirely new kind of yarn, which is incredibly light and could be a substitute to cotton in the future.  This was very interesting and demanding project, and the aim was to test different structures and densities.

Product development: This was a collaboration with Kultavilla and Wearababy for their new production line. We carried out sampling and testing to optimize the best threading set-up for Kultavilla’s new 18-harness powerloom. It was a very fun project, where we showcased the possibility to concentrate on harness weaving. We finally found the most flexible and multi-purposed threading solution and are now waiting for the new products to arrive.

Textile art: Save the colleague :)! In the Autumn of 2020, quite many places were under a lockdown and this also meant closed doors at places where an artist can go and realize their works. And Sweden-based artist Hanna Norrna too was not able go and weave her ideas at the place where she used to. After exchanging a couple of emails and video meetings, we finally got together (virtually ofcourse) to work on her ideas. These were basically samples for a bigger project that she was to work on in the future. We created very fine and multi-layered designs with rather fragile silk yarns. As an artist, I understand that this kind on collaboration demands a lot of trust between the artist and weaver and I feel honored that Hanna counted on me for her project: this was the first time that she’d relied on another professional to bring her idea to life.

Due to COVID-19, a few of the plans that were in the pipeline had to be cancelled and are waiting for the better days. But if you are in the need to get your ideas and designs woven or if you want to come and refresh your weaving skills, or even learn to weave on the TC2 loom from scratch, do not hesitate to ask for more information! I offer 5-day workshops starting from €450 ( space rent), which is cheaper than a beach holiday 😉 and safe, situated at 16900 Hämeenlinna, Finland. Ours is a private home and we are a family of 2 adults and a dog; we have a guest room with its own entry and a bathroom.

PS: I do have some spare parts for the TC1 loom and also this loom for sale, if you’re interested, please reach out!


Over the past 20 years, Katja (kh-design) has worked with many designers and textile artists and her heart lies in offering weaving services to fellow textile professionals. She also enjoys training new as well as professional weavers to work with the TC2-loom. Katja started off on the TC1 loom way back in 1995 and ever since, she’s closely followed the story of Thread Controller. Infact, she is probably the one with the longest user-experience on the TC looms. She has a deep knowledge of the loom technology, which making her highly-adept in problem-solving and maintenance of the TC looms.

Katja’s DWN connection: Katja is Digital Weaving Norway’s official representative in Finland, offering workshops, training sessions, consulting, maintenance and problem-solving on the TC looms. She conducts both online training as well as teaching on location with the loom. She also offers in-house/ private workshops at her studio space on the TC2 and  TC1 loom . You can send in your inquiry to katja@khdesign.fi


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