Latest woven works by AFAD in Bratislava!

Latest woven works by AFAD in Bratislava!

The Studio of Fiber Art at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava has been a regular feature in our “What’s on your Loom” series! This time around, we showcase their works created during the visits of Elisabeth Stotzler from Textile Centre at Haslach, Philippa Brock from Central Saint Martins from London and also, by a Bachelors’ student, Kristína Tománkova.


At the Studio of Fiber Art, the students started off by weaving simpler patterns on their loom by using the design program Arahne. And gradually, they used the same program to move on to more advanced projects like creating upholstery for the redesigning of chairs, transforming their unique drawings or paintings into digital tapestry etc. Late last year, the Academy invited Arahne expert and textile designer Elisabeth Stotzler from Textile Centre at Haslach (Austria), to teach them double weave. Here, we want to share with you some of result of students projects made in this technology.

Another interesting woven piece was the graduation project by a Bachelors’ student, Kristína Tománkova. She first wove three separate textiles that were inspired by her drawings, graffiti and her rich imagination and then stitched them together into a large tapestry (300×200 cm). And with the textiles coming together as one composition, it turned into a unique and modern textile artifact, with young spirit! In this piece, Kristina was looking for a balance between action-painting, photography, digital media and hand-weaving. This textile piece has a formal connection between street art and historical tapestries with ornamental bordures. Kristina worked on double-polyester black and light grey warp. As a weft, she used different and multi-coloured materials as cotton, polyester, wool, textile tapes, that gave the woven piece a relief surface. She is fascinated by this technology and this semester she is continuing with weaving on the TC2.

In the beginning of the winter semester of 2019, the School got an opportunity to invite a specialized lecturer and so, they decided to invite Philippa Brock from Central Saint Martins College in London. Philippa, who’s an accomplished weaver and textile designer, conducted a 5-day workshop on making 3D structured textiles in the design program Photoshop. It was new experience for the faculty and staff at the Studio of Fiber Art because they are more familiar with working with the design program Arahne. As many ten students and some staff members participated in the workshop and Philippa guided them through the process of designing multi-layered fabrics, fabrics with double-weave structures with a lycra weft and even fabrics that can shrink after steaming! They also wove their own samples with the newly-learnt techniques. Philippa also showed them many samples of 3D structured textile made by her and her students. “We are now looking forward to new projects made as 3D-structured textiles. Thank you Philippa!”, says Beáta Gerbócová from the Department of Textiles Studio of Fiber Art.


The Studio of Fiber Art at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava bought the TC2 in 2013. And within no time, the students of this studio – led by Doc. Blanka Cepková – becames familiar with the digital weaving technology. Despite the fact that the program of the studio covers a broad range of technologies that include tufting and knitting, digital weaving is one of the most popular technologies. The program encourages the students to work on original designs, for example, to create textile accessories or textile jewelry made by applying a wide range of textile techniques!

Text and Pictures Courtesy: Beáta Gerbócová