Marianne Fairbanks’ Weaving Lab in Oslo!

Marianne Fairbanks' Weaving Lab in Oslo!

Last weekend, we from Digital Weaving Norway were at Weaving Lab in Oslo, an initiative by US-based Marianne Fairbanks. Weaving Lab is a project first initiated by Marianne in 2016 and ran for two summers in Madison, WI. In 2019, it has transitioned to a mobile lab, traveling to new locations domestically and internationally including Oak Park, IL, Oslo, Norway and Gothenburg, Sweden. Here are a few impressions from our visit…

The works on display here are a part of the "Album Towels" experiment. The works on display here are a part of the "Weaving Sounds" experiment.

What is the Weaving Lab?

Weaving Lab invites the public to participate in the process of weaving, speculation and conversation.  Weaving tutorials are combined with conceptual inquiries into domains of rhythm, math systems, meditation, and materiality.  Weaving Lab both explores and subverts each of these associations, hovering between process and speculation, theory and making, and providing questions and experiences so that each participant can draw their own conclusions. The project works to extend access to weaving so that we might invent new ideas about textiles, community, and  making.

Until the end of this week, the Weaving Lab is stationed in Oslo, Norway, after which it travels to Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center in Copenhagen, Denmark and stays there until August 29, 2019.

About Marianne…

Marianne is an assistant professor in the Design Studies at department at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and her current work is focused on the intersections of weaving, mathematics, and technology.

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