Origami samples woven on the TC2!

Origami samples woven on the TC2!

As a part of our “What’s on your Loom” series, we are featuring the latest works of Raina Nief – Double Weave Origami Samples!  Raina is a senior at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts. During her sophomore year, she discovered her interest in weaving after learning, for the first time, on the University’s TC2 and helping in the installation.

In the picture below, Raina demonstrates the process of folding and ironing of the polyester weft and  cotton warp double weave:

After taking the double weave fabric off the loom, she creates dimension by washing, drying, ironing, and boiling the fabric to shrink the cotton warp and permanently pleat the polyester weft. This process creates a fabric that has movement but still holds the memory of the origami folds.

More samples from the duration of Nief’s research:


Raina began to learn the art of weaving and later realized she is interested in exploring the relationship between forms and linear elements through the craft of weaving. After being awarded a grant from the ETSU Honors College and The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, she has just completed an independent course of research this summer exploring weave structures and materials on the TC2. In preparation for her Senior Exhibition in the Spring of 2020, Raina plans to continue researching and creating a fabric that evokes dimension and form through the exploration of weave structures and unique materials.