Praxis Fiber Workshop welcomes the TC2!

Praxis Fiber Workshop welcomes the TC2!

The new Digital Weaving Lab at the Praxis Fiber Workshop at Ohio, USA recently welcomed the TC2 loom. And what’s more exciting is that Cathryn Amidei, who’s been associated with Digital Weaving Norway for ages now, is at the helm of affairs…as the Director! She tells us all about the Centre, its Digital Weaving Lab and the plans that are in the pipeline. Cathryn writes…

Located in the Waterloo Arts District in Cleveland Ohio (USA), Praxis Fiber Workshop has operated since 2015. Built on the legacy of the Fiber program from Cleveland Institute of the Arts. The studio is filled with the looms, shuttles and other equipment from this beloved and long-lived program. It is also filled with connections. Walking into the main studio at Praxis, with the numerous looms, well loved, of various descriptions, most being warped, or with work in progress, activates the nerve endings in a way that is not easy to describe, but is most likely well-known to you. Praxis is a place that feels good. The mission of Praxis is to revitalize the field of fiber art by offering local artists and community members access to fiber-related equipment, classes and studio space. Praxis is dedicated to increasing awareness and expanding the field of contemporary fiber arts by creating an environment of experimentation, exhibition and communication locally and within the broader art community. Read more about Praxis here.

Our NEW Digital Weaving Lab completes the Praxis campus. The Praxis Digital Weaving Lab houses the digital looms and technology necessary for creating complex cloth, and will provide an Artist Residence apartment on the second floor. Purchased in 2018, the house adjacent to our main facility hosts 2 ARM (dobby) looms and a TC2 jacquard loom. The Arm looms have been rebuilt – and will have touch screens for their computer interface. I have been honored to accept the position of Director of the Digital Weaving Lab. The mission of the DWL is to create a Center for Digital Weaving that supports excellence, exploration and community. I also want to add that I believe that excellence can take many forms. We hope to create practices and to explore practice as well. The community orientation of Praxis means that we can embrace diversity- in all its forms, this includes honoring the rich complement of current and historical regional practices.

Certainly the equipment will play a huge role in the generation of this Center, as access to this special tool is very limited. As far as I can tell, Praxis Digital Weaving Lab will be the first of its kind in the United States to provide an open, live-in residency program with technical support for those who want or NEED access to the TC2. Access to the facilities in the main building at Praxis is also available. The center will also host, Workshops, Exhibitions, Training, and Gatherings, such as Conferences and Seminars both virtual and in person (at some point) as well as a being a point of reference, a place to reach out to for community, resources, respite and inspiration. Praxis is a good place to visit- once we are are moving around again. The experiences and connections that a residency or connection to a center can provide can last a lifetime and can be life altering. To say that I am excited is a bit of an understatement. The TC2 loom has now arrived at Praxis and preparations are on for the first Digital Laboratory Residencies to begin in March of 2021.

To celebrate the opening of the Digital Laboratory an exhibition in the Praxis Gallery, “Digital Garden” opened on December 4, 2020 and runs till January 8, 2021. This exhibition features work by Artists across the country working on the the TC2. We invited our first Artist in Residence: Gabe Duggan – to create a work in the gallery during the show as well (Pictures below).

More pictures from the “Digital Garden” exhibition:

A panel discussion with the artists will be on conducted on Jan 6th, 2021. Check out the event link on Facebook: click here

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