Presenting Karolina Kurpiewska’s woven works

Presenting Karolina Kurpiewska's woven works

As a part of our “What’s on your Loom” series, here’s featuring the works of Karolina Kurpiewska, who is a textile and graphic designer from Poland.  In 2020, she opened a studio called “Przędza Jędza” (which is a wordplay for “yarn witch”), focusing on Jacquard woven and printed fabrics as well as graphic designs. Karolina also recently decided on getting a TC2 loom for herself and we can’t wait to see the designs she comes up with! 


The most common medium of creative expression that Karolina uses are Jacquard tapestries. She says that she “finds herself” when creating imagery using jacquard fabrics as a medium.

By using various weave structures and techniques, Karolina focuses both on the visual and tactile aspect. One of her recent projects, created as a part of her graduate studies, is a series of fabrics devoted to pre-war cinemas in the artist’s hometown. Through these works, she depicts the various phases of cinemas and tells their unusual stories, including the unique utility value.



Karolina completed a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland and a Master’s degree in textile and clothing design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland.