Summer workshops at The Jacquard Center

Summer workshops at The Jacquard Center

The Summer workshops at The Jacquard Center, conducted by Cathryn Amidei, are something that we at Digital Weaving Norway love to keep a track of! This year, there were four workshops in all, which commenced on May 27th  and concluded on July 12, 2019.

The workshops are five-days long and the enrollment is limited to five participants. This summer, a special warping intensive was offered that was 9-days long. The participants have the option to stay at The Jacquard Center. The small class size and the ability to live (comfortably) in the same building as the loom means that workshop participants can weave and work all day and night.

The loom is often running 24 hours as students split time in shifts. A lot of care was used to develop the studio which is climate controlled, brightly lit, spacious and set up to demonstrate “best practices”.

The Jacquard Center has hosted Faculty from Universities, Researchers, Artists, and Students. Most have some experience on the TC2 loom, some have had no Jacquard experience and there have even been participants who have had no weaving experience! The participants enrolled online via the website: https://www.thejacquardcenter.org/

Usually, Photoshop is used to develop weave files, but this year, the instructors used Arahweave and Fiberworks as well, and even Adobe Illustrator to build patterns. This flexibility is important to the Center’s mission and methods.

The mission of the workshop is evolution and excellence. In a short period of time, it is possible to share ways of working and seeing that improve the experience of weaving and the outcome of the work: “Where ever you are, we will move you forward from there,” says Cathryn!

Workshops for Summer 2020 will be announced in January 2020 – stay tuned!

(Text and Pictures courtesy: Cathryn Amidei)