TC2 charms Design Community at Madrid Biennial!

TC2 charms Design Community at Madrid Biennial!

The TC2 loom was in Madrid in the last week of November, as a part of 8th meeting of the Ibero-American Design Biennial(BID). Fiber Artist and DWN’s representative in Spain Francesca Piñol was at the Biennial, where she presented the loom to artists, academicians and designs students through a Masterclass and a Digital Weaving Workshop. And from what we hear, the TC2 charmed its audience at the event!

The Masterclass by Francesca was about the Jacquard Weaving process and the presentation of the TC2, along with a demo. Among the participants were teachers from Mexico, designers and students from Madrid (Spain) and professors from Fashion Schools from the Spanish provinces of Pontevedra, Burgos and Alicante.

Francesca also conducted a two-day workshop that focused on weaving on the TC2 loom. The workshop ran for 13 hours in all and had seven participants, including designers and students. Each participant chose two materials and created a color-texture palette, they then made their design with up to seven colors, finally applying the textures that they had created. They got to weave a small part/sample of their designs on the TC2 loom! Here are the pictures of a few samples:

The Masterclass and Workshop both took place in (and was sponsored by) a Madrid-based Gancedo, who design and manufacture decorative fabrics.

The Biennial is a platform for reflection and debate of the Ibero-American community of Design Teaching Centres, where the attendees can both network and gain industry insights through conferences, workshops, exhibition of student works, visits to training centers in Madrid, among others.