TC2 loom at Lafayette Anticipations in Paris!

TC2 loom at Lafayette Anticipations in Paris!
Through the summer of 2019, the TC2 loom will be one of the weaving looms stationed at the prestigious Galerie Lafayette Anticipations in Paris, on which designers from diverse backgrounds will explore their creativity.

This is a part of a project titled Interlace, an initiative by Dutch-designer Hella Jongerius, where the objective is to expose the viewing public to the textile production process in order to create awareness, re-valuation and appreciation for textiles.

Vibeke Vestby from Digital Weaving Norway was invited for the opening of the exhibition in Paris on June 6th, 2019, where she got an opportunity to interact with the who’s who of the weaving/art scene. She was also able to document the the buzz at the exhibition through these pictures that we are sharing.

We are super thrilled that Jongerius, an acclaimed interior designer and one of our customers, has chosen their TC2 loom to be a part of this project! We feel that the idea behind the Interlace project reverberates with the very concept that was behind developing the TC2 loom – to bring the making of the textile out of the industrial context and into the design studio! Here are pictures of some of Jongerius’ works by being exhibited at the Gallery:

An extremely unique concept on display by Jongerius Lab is titled Space Loom, where she uses the building’s performative qualities to transform the interior space into a vast, constantly shifting loom. Another concept termed as Seamless Loom researches the possibilities of 3D weaving. This weaving machine, designed at JongeriusLab, is composed of four looms cut and joined together to form a new machine to weave real three-dimensional woven textile “bricks”.

The entry to the exhibition is free and is open for the public from June 7th to Sept 8th, 2019, on all weekdays, except Tuesdays.