TC2 Workshop Photo Diary: Philippines April 2022

TC2 Workshop Photo Diary: Philippines April 2022

The TC2 loom is so much more than being a product or a tool, it is also a common thread connecting weavers and textile enthusiasts across the world. It is a means of going new places, gathering new experiences and making new relationships. Over the years, the loom has traveled to newer settings and is being used for fascinating projects! And we thought it could be interesting to document the start of some of these new journeys of the loom, through a series: TC2 Workshop Photo Diary! In this issue, our representative in Finland Katja Huhmarkangas tells us more about her travel to the Philippines and her experience while conducting TC2 workshops there!

Photo Diary by Katja Huhmarkangas: TC2 assembly at the University of the Philippines in April 2022

The University of the Philippines acquired two looms in 2021 and Katja traveled to the Philippines (on our behalf) to carry out installation and training workshops in their two campuses. Among other projects, these looms are to be used for the Corditex Project.

  • About Corditex: The Cordillera Textiles Project (CordiTex) is a multi-disciplinary research that combines different approaches in the social and natural sciences in analyzing traditional textiles, and how they are transformed in the contemporary period. As a part of this project, the University ordered two TC2 looms for its campuses at UP Baguio and UP Diliman. This was the most east-Pacific distance for the looms and I was happy to go and meet the people there. More information about the project on the Facebook site: LINK
  • TC2 loom locations: The universities at Manila/Diliman and Baguio are two different universities and in great locations. At Manila, the new TC2 studio is placed at CHE, UP Diliman and in Baquio, it is at the Cordillera Museum.
  • Why me? I am a professional weaver with TC2 and TC1 looms since 1998 or even earlier. Through all these past years, I have worked as the technical support person for TC-looms in Finland and across the world. I have also carried out assembly and basic training for TC1 and TC2 users. I have traveled with the loom to different locations and until now, Philippines has been the furthest distance that I’ve been to! Well one cannot travel much further where I come from.
  • Meet the staff: I was overwhelmed with the friendliness and the casual easy-going approach of the staff and workshop participants all the time, not to forget coffee and lunchbreaks.
  • Workshops: There were two 3-day workshops to assemble the looms and to train the staff on basic usage, starting on how to make the warp and then warp the loom and how to work with the loom. It was a huge effort, with many helping hands. Every stage of assembly was carefully documented for the future use for the staff.
  • Meeting Master Weavers: At Baquio, a group of local master weavers were invited to a workshop to get to know the loom. And what a amazing touch they had from the very first second! When you are a weaver and are familiar with materials, yarns and weaving itself, it does not take a long time to learn the loom. These were persons who have rarely have used any graphic software but knowing what they were aiming for, they managed to study the traditional samples and turn them into weave-ready designs.