The Game of Thrones story that’s so well woven!

The Game of Thrones story that's so well woven!

The medium of “storytelling through textiles” has existed for centuries. But giving this art form a whole new dimension is the 77-meter tapestry that’s currently on display on the walls of the Ulster Museum in Belfast (Northern Ireland).

This gigantic piece of textile is based on the epic fantasy series –  Game of Thrones – that is filmed in Northern Ireland, among other locations. And guess what- it’s woven on a loom that we all recognize (wink, wink!)

The unique tapestry is a part of Tourism Ireland’s Game of Thrones Campaign – a classic example of how ancient form of telling tales through fabric is being employed to chronicle a fictional series. The initiative recognizes how the series has become an integral part of Northern Ireland’s heritage and culture. It is also a tribute to the area’s rich heritage of textile and linen manufacture. As each new episode of the series goes on air, a section depicting key scenes from it are added to the tapestry, which will measure 77 meters long, when completed.

Here’s the link to the app on Tourism Island’s website where you can get to see the tapestry in all its splendor.


But before parts of this spectacular piece of fabric come to life, there’s an entire team of illustrators, designers, weavers and embroiderers working on it in meticulous detail. The process starts with the illustrators first recreating each key scene and character from the newly-aired episodes, which are then converted into a digital format. The designers and weavers then work on these illustrations to make them weave-ready. They are then handwoven on a digital Jacquard loom, using Northern Irish linen and finally, retouched upon by hand embroiderers.

Nearly 66 metres of this tapestry was created over a period of under three months (six seasons) and following the release of Season 7, a new section is being added each week. Essentially, at the end of 77-hours of the Series being aired, what we’ll have is a 77-meter of textile immortalizing one of the most popular stories of our times. And as this little piece of history is being made – dare we say- the manufactures of that incredible Jacquard loom that’s making this happen, would surely be mighty proud!

Here’s a video that explains what went behind the campaign:


Pictures, information courtesy: Game of Thrones Tapestry Website

Video Courtesy: Tourism Ireland’s Youtube channel