Training Workshops on the TC2 loom!

Training Workshops on the TC2 loom!

As more and more TC2 looms find new owners – all across the globe – there’s a constant need to get them to discover the loom to its true potential, through training sessions and workshops. Be it about introducing the loom technology, getting the users started on a new loom or just getting them brushed-up on their existing skills on the TC2, we constantly endeavour to “be there”!

In the past few weeks, Vibeke Vestby was at three different venues in a bid to get many a weavers “going” on the loom! Here are a few glimpses of all the action that took place:

University of Arts, Crafts and Design at Konstfack, Sweden

September saw a trip to Sweden, where Vibeke took a training workshop at the University of Arts, Crafts and Design at Konstfack. They set up the TC2 loom at their design studio recently and needed a flying start! In the pictures, you’ll see the very talented lecturer at the textiles department, Åsa Pärson.


Design School at Kolding

The Design School at Kolding has had the TC2 for a while and in the last week of October they got a “Refresher” training session with Vibeke. Workshop Manager Ulla Haslund Faartoft and Lecturer Helle Rude Trolle were a part of this session along with a group of “Super User” students. The idea was to get these students up-to-speed with the TC2 technology, so that the other students at the School could later turn to them for help with the TC2. And oh, what an session this was! Here’s a peek:


Textile Society of America’s Symposium in Vancouver

As has been customary over the years, Vibeke was at the Textile Society of America’s 2018 Symposium. This time around, it was held in Vancouver (Canada) from Sept 19-23, and the theme for the Symposium was, “The Social Fabric: Deep Local to Pan Global”.  As a part of the Post-Symposium workshops, Vibeke conducted a training session on Jacquard Weaving, and this took place at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.  Our representative in the US, Cathryn Amidei, co-tutored the workshop along with Vibeke. And thanks to our customers  Kaija Rautiainen and Hanna Haapasalo in Vancouver, the workshop participants were even allowed to weave their designs on Hanna’s loom!  Here’s a glimpse into her trip to Vancouver: