Weaving exquisite functional and decorative fabrics

Weaving exquisite functional and decorative fabrics

In this issue of the “What’s On Your Loom” series, we feature the works of Lily Weisgerber-Peters and her family. Lily has been weaving since the 1970s, training in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Norway. In 1982, Lily and her husband Pit opened a workshop in Contern, where Lily has been teaching and sharing her knowledge ever since.

They weave on a wide variety of looms, from traditional and damask to looms with electronic interfaces as well as on the two Jacquard TC2s from Digital Weaving Norway.

Lily and Pit seen examining their woven work titled “Stones”.

They create original and sophisticated objects, both functional and decorative, using luxurious natural materials and yarns. In recent years, their daughters Michèle and Vera have become part of the family business, sharing the passion for creativity and design. The objects presented here are scarves made with a 70/30 cashmere/silk yarn.

The designs are inspired by shimmering stones in water and by lichen on an old stone wall. The weave-structure is an 8-end satin. The scarves are woven on a two-color warp using 24 threads per centimetre. For the weft they used the same yarn, either on one or three shuttles, plus an extra shuttle with silver or gold thread for the brocade parts.

Another one of their recent works is titled Stones, here are a few snapshots: