When the TC2 loom was at Premiere Vision Paris…

When the TC2 loom was at Premiere Vision Paris...

Among the many high-points of 2020 so far, the most overwhelming for us at Digital Weaving Norway was our trip to Premiere Vision Paris – yes, the TC2 loom was there! For three days, February 11 through 13, our little 1-wide demo loom stood pretty and created quite a buzz among the who’s who of the fashion world.

The story goes such…a day before the Premiere Vision kicked off, the demo loom arrived in a wooden crate tailor-made for her roll out in style, on wheels! 🙂  Then we lifted her onto the Digital Weaving Norway stand, blew some fresh air into her (courtesy the vacuum pump) and viola, she was ready to dazzle. Our primary objective of taking the loom to PV Paris was to showcase our technology and the endless creative possibilities that it offers for the new-age designers, the ones driven by exploring new ideas, new materials and new technologies.

In the three days that we were there, we had exciting conversations with the bottom to the highest rung of fabric makers: students, teachers, researchers, textile engineers, textile designers, fabric buyers, fabric manufacturers – some who came by wandering, some who came by wondering. And so many of them, weavers and non-weavers alike, tried their hand on the loom! And guess what, among the exhibitors were also a few textile designers who were showcasing and selling their fabrics created on the TC2 loom – now, ain’t that something? Here’s a glimpse of the action:

In a show that’s dominated by the world’s leading fabric manufacturers mainly from the fashion but also the sports segment, the fact that we were invited to showcase the TC2 loom in the Innovation and Technology Sector (Fabrics – Hall 5), makes us all the more convinced that the textile industry is going all-out on the concept of conscious creation, of exploring ways to create fabrics that are beautiful, serve a purpose (creative/performative) and are well-thought out in terms of their life span. And we are happy to make a design tool that makes all of this possible!