Works woven on TC1&TC2 on display in Denmark!

Works woven on TC1&TC2 on display in Denmark!

Works woven on the TC1 and TC2 looms across the world will be a part of the exhibition titled World Wide Weaving, which opens to the public on March 4th, 2022. Being organized at the Nicolai Kunst og Kultur, Kolding (Denmark), the exhibition will feature the creations by 6 weavers from across 5 countries and 4 continents! This initiative is funded by Denmark’s National Art Fond and Municipality of Kolding.

Wen-Ying  Huang (Taiwan), Lia Cook (California, USA), Monique van Nieuwland (Australia), Belinda Rose (Scotland), Grethe Sørensen and Lise Frølund (both from Denmark) together sum up more than 250 years of experience on handloom, half of them on digital jacquard handloom.

These six textile artists and designers have, each in their part of the world, been first movers, and have since kept to this tool, which Norway-based Vibeke Vestby developed in the nineteen nineties (in association with Tronrud Engineering) for use in art schools and smaller workshops. In 1998, one such loom was placed at the Designskolen in Kolding: here both the students and external weavers have access. The only requirements are using skills. During those more than 20 years, several visiting artists from all over Europe have created works there.

Woven by Lise Frølund

This exhibition will not show the large works – they are to be seen elsewhere – but it is the road towards them.  What is it this loom can be used for, which other looms cannot. Why have these weavers chosen this loom, and why have they stayed on?  It is the varied intentions, try-outs, working processes and materials, which will be shown. A short video has been produced in each of the six workshops, and the soundtrack is by Hanne Raffnsøe.

The woven pieces in the picture above are a part of an experiment by Lise Frølund: the same subject displayed in fewer and fewer pixels. These woven works – along with many more by the other 5 artists too – will be a part of the upcoming exhibition in March 2022.


Nicolai Kunst of Kultur, Kolding, Denmark/5th of March – 10th of April 2022

Tuesday – Thursday, 0900 – 1600 hrs; Weekend 1000 – 1500 hrs

Opening 4th of March/ 1500 – 1700 hrs

Text Courtesy: Lise Frølund

A view of Lise Frølund's Workspace

A view of Lise Frølund’s Workspace