Woven art by C. Pazia Mannella and her students…

Woven art by C. Pazia Mannella and her students…

It’s always exciting to look at the woven works being created by artists from across the world (on the TC2 loom). And our “What’s on Your Loom” series is an attempt to share these works with a larger community of weavers. This time, we’re featuring the woven works of fiber artist C. Pazia Mannella. She was awarded a University of Missouri Research Board Grant to facilitate the purchase of the TC2 loom.


The University of Missouri (MU) recently acquired a TC2 loom for Pazia’s creative research and for use by students in the Fibers Area (Art Program), School of Visual Studies. Pazia, an Assistant Professor and the Area Head of Fibers, uses the TC2 loom to weave symbolic imagery of flowers, laurels, and wreaths in architectural details that represent cultural ideals of prestige, power, wealth and will.

Untitled 2021 (in progress), Detail

Pazia manipulates lavish architecture by sourcing the carefully cultivated beauty of architectural displays through pattern and embellishment.

Pazia often utilizes natural and synthetic dyes with her warp and weft yarn. In the picture below, is a resist-dyed cotton warp.

Pazia’s weavings are exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the US, like the Extreme Fibers: Textile Icons and the New Edge, Muskegon Museum of Art (Muskegon, MI) and The Dennos Museum Center (Traverse City, MI) as well as at Urban Outfitters Headquarters and Snyderman-Works Galleries.

The Fibers Area offers undergraduate and graduate courses in weaving, papermaking, and book arts. Analog and digital technologies, global textile production, gender and sexuality, craftivism, community, and sustainable making are explored by undergraduate and graduate students. Advanced students experiment with weaving on the 3-wide with 6 modules TC2 loom.

MU’s Art Program develops creative thinkers, professional artists and cultural leaders through a curriculum that balances innovation, traditional craftsmanship, and critical thinking. Art majors can study drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, fibers, sculpture, and new media. The MU Art Program, founded in 1877, offers BA, BFA and MFA degrees.


Fibers Area, School of Visual Studies, University of Missouri: Website LINK

C. Pazia Mannella: Website LINK

Instagram: @mizzoufibers, @pazia.mannella