Woven works by Line Agnete Bach!

Woven works by Line Agnete Bach!

Here’s featuring the woven works by Line Agnete Bach, as a part of our ongoing “What’s on Your Loom” series. Line is studying a Bachelor in Textile Design, Handicraft and Communication at the VIA University College in Herning, Denmark. She tells us about her latest project: 

During my education, I will learn to design and create textiles using different tools and techniques. Weaving is one of my classes and for this class, I am lucky enough to have a TC2 loom to work with. For this specific piece, I worked with satin weave.

To make the color graduation, I used PhotoShop to make a file that collaborates with the TC2 Loom and by using thin strands of wool yarn in two different colors, I was able to make this picturesque woven piece of fabric. The piece is a woven interpretation of a drawing I made by hand.