Woven works by Russian artist Sveta Shuvaeva

Woven works by Russian artist Sveta Shuvaeva

As a part of Digital Weaving Norway’s What’s On Your Loom series, here’s featuring the works of Russia-based artist Sveta Shuvaeva. She tells us more about her current weaving project…   

In 2021, a TC2 digital Jacquard loom, the first one in Russia, was installed in the Vaults Artistic Production Centre, commissioned by the GES-2 House of Culture. At the Centre, Russian and foreign artists can get a unique opportunity to work on the TC2 loom, should they win the competition.

Artist Sveta Shuvaeva was selected to be the first Russian artist to create her own canvas on the TC2 with the technical support of the textile master, Natalia Tsygankova. In her new series of objects titled Ispodlobje, Shuvaeva uses Jacquard as one of the components, rather than as an independent item.

The 6-metre-long canvas has been woven into several fragments that will later be cut out and sewn together to create a 3D object, a horse blanket. Nettle, hemp, and cotton yarn with the partial addition of metallic thread has been used for weaving. Twill and tweed type of weaves are present in the work.

The project is now at the production stage. The photos provided are a documentation of the working process, not a finished work.


Sveta Shuvaeva was born in 1986 in the city of Bugulma (Republic of Tatarstan). She graduated from the Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering with a major in Environmental Design. Since 2007, she has worked as an artist, participating in personal and collective projects. She works with various artistic media: graphics, collage, textile, objects, and installation. Sveta lives and works in Moscow.